Born in the Second Century

26. Let the Women Be Violent. Part 1 of Montanism Trilogy.

December 07, 2022 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
26. Let the Women Be Violent. Part 1 of Montanism Trilogy.
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BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY presents the first installment of a trilogy of shows on the Great Montanist "Heresy." Host Chris Palmero examines the tremendous impact that the second century religious movement of Montanism had on Christianity actually becoming a distinct religion. At the same time, Montanism will be revealed to be a heretical Jewish movement that originally had nothing to do with Christianity.

For the first time ever on this show, we find ourselves in "Ordinary Time," surveying a historical narrative from the late 100's AD. This is the dividing line between Christian history and pre-history, and we are at the very moment when the Church first found it necessary to create a backstory for itself.

Anyone who listens to this episode can learn about the theologian's explanation of Montanism and the flaws inherent in that explanation; about the oracles of the three mad prophets Montanus, Maximilla, and Priscilla; about the suspicious lack of connection between Montanism and Christianity; about the possible true date of this movement's origins; about the uncanny links between the New Prophecy and Blade Runner; and about a possible alternate history in which women led Christianity throughout history, Bene Gesserit-style. A new segment is introduced in which a history of the 1980's AD is given, but as if written by Eusebius.

Opening reading: A Montanist prophetess delivers a fiery exhortation to her fellow women, in a passage that has ironically been preserved by Schmucko Supremo Tertullian.

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Reading: ANONYMOUS PROPHETESS, De Fuga in Persecutione.
The Theologians' MASTER NARRATIVE about Montanism.
The PROBLEMS of the Master Narrative.
Montanism is BLADE RUNNER.
Let the Women Be VIOLENT.
OPENING Remarks.
Reading: TERTULLIAN, De Anima.
MODERN Relevance of Montanism.
The Oracles of MONTANUS.
The Oracles of PRISCILLA.
The Oracles of MAXIMILLA.
Calculating the DATE of the New Prophecy.
Shit My Eusebius Says: On the 1980's.
CLOSING Remarks.