Born in the Second Century

28. The Holy Psychic Church. Part 3 of Montanism Trilogy.

February 03, 2023 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
28. The Holy Psychic Church. Part 3 of Montanism Trilogy.
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BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY brings the Montanism Trilogy to its bloody, triumphant ending. Host Chris Palmero shifts the focus to the spectacular changes that the war against the New Prophecy caused within the structure of Catholic Christianity itself, causing it to transform from just another "free radical" Jewish sect, to a truly organized religion, for better or worse. 

Anyone who listens to this episode can learn about the bogus list of early Roman Bishops; the dawn and progression of the Catholic Sect; why "Proto-Orthodoxy" is a vague and silly concept; how Asia Minor is so central to the story of Christianity; about the changes caused by Montanism in terms of organization, the Eschaton, prophecy, and the invention of the past; why the ancient Christians wanted their Church leaders to be rich; how the ancient Roman Church became so prominent; who its first real Bishop was; what finally happened to the New Prophecy; and about a curious little tome entitled..."Churchfails."

Opening reading: The Jesus of the Book of Revelation, impressed with the city's cheesesteaks, grants the ancient city of Philadelphia an "Open Door," through which the first Montanist missionaries will step on their way to converting one man in a lost little valley, in one of the most momentous decisions in history.

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Reading: BOOK OF REVELATION. Philadelphia and the Open Door.
OPENING Remarks.
Top News Story: CHURCHFAILS.
OPENING Remarks, Cont'd.
Reading: IRENAEUS, Against Heresies. The List of Roman Bishops.
The Dawn of the CATHOLIC SECT.
Reading: IGNATIUS, Philadelphians. He Prophesies in the Voice of God.
ASIA MINOR as the True Home of Christianity.
Changes Caused by Montanism, PRELUDE.
Changes Caused by Montanism: ORGANIZATION.
Changes Caused by Montanism: THE ESCHATON.
Changes Caused by Montanism: THE SEALING OF PROPHECY.
Changes Caused by Montanism: THE INVENTION OF THE PAST.
EXCURSUS: Why the Church Would Canonize FORGED BOOKS.
Reading: TERTULLIAN, Prescription Against Heretics. On the Roman Church.
How the Catholic Church Colonized ROME.
CLOSING Remarks of the Montanism Trilogy.
Epilogue: The New Prophecy's FATE.