Born in the Second Century

29. Testimonia.

May 10, 2023 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
29. Testimonia.
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There is a treasure that lies hidden behind the earliest Christian writings: the TESTIMONIA. Host Chris Palmero describes the theory that the earliest sources about Jesus of Nazareth may have been strange list of Biblical prophecies that were passed around among early sectarian Jews. These lost books may indeed have been the primary sources even for the authors of the New Testament.

Anyone who listens to this episode of BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY can learn about how the "proof from prophecy" was the first and best defense of the faith among the earliest Christians; about why the Church Fathers sometimes seem to forget who exactly wrote certain Biblical books; what the Testimonia were, what they may have looked like, where we can still find evidence of them, and; the paramount importance of Psalm 110 to the entire concept of Christianity.

Opening reading: The very first lines of the Gospel of Mark provide the occasion for the host to play a historic recording of an ancient phone call placed circa 116 AD.

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Reading: GOSPEL OF MARK. Opening Lines.
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Testimonia in the PATRISTIC Writings.
Testimonia in the Christian BIBLE.
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