Born in the Second Century

31. The Resurrection Appearance "Accounts," Part One. The Lathe of Heaven.

July 15, 2023 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
31. The Resurrection Appearance "Accounts," Part One. The Lathe of Heaven.
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We continue the investigation into Justin Martyr's non-use of the New Testament Gospels, with an examination of the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus. Host Chris Palmero analyzes the common themes of these tales in the Canonical and Apocryphal Gospels (including the Gospel of Peter and Gospel of the Hebrews), and the Nag Hammadi and Gnostic writings (including the Pistis Sophia, Gospel of Mary, Apocryphon of James, Wisdom of Jesus Christ, and Dialogue of the Savior).

Anyone who listens to this episode of BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY can learn about why Justin doesn't seem to know anything about the miracles conducted by Jesus; about the earliest sources of the Passion and Resurrection Narratives; about the confusion in the various sources over the number of Disciples who were actually present to witness the Risen Jesus; about their differences regarding who appeared at the Empty Tomb and when; and about Mary Magdalene.

Opening reading: the Healing of the Syrophoenician Woman's Daughter (as read in Wycliffe's version of Mark's Gospel) is a repurposed legend about an anonymous smartmouth Jewish Exorcist that may hold the key to the origins of miracle stories in our Canonical Gospels.

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Reading: MARK 7:20-30, Wycliffe's Bible.
OPENING Remarks.
General Discussion of the APPEARANCE Stories.
SOURCES of the Appearance Stories.
Element: NUMBER of the Disciples.
Element: Fate of JUDAS.
Element: ACTIVITY of the Disciples.
Element: Involvement of WOMEN.
Element: Prominence of PETER.
Element: FEAR, and other Emotional Weirdness.
CLOSING Remarks.