Born in the Second Century

32. The Resurrection Appearance "Accounts," Part Two.

August 20, 2023 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
32. The Resurrection Appearance "Accounts," Part Two.
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We conclude our look at the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, as part of the Justin Martyr Series. Host Chris Palmero looks at the common elements of these legends from the point at which Jesus appears to his disciples, all the way up to his ascension at the end. The versions of the Resurrection as told by Celsus, the ancient pagan critic of Christianity, as well as the lost book called the Preaching of Peter, are also explored. Finally, Justin Martyr's version of the Resurrection story is examined, to see whether he is in fact using the New Testament Gospels as his source.

Anyone who listens to this episode of BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY can learn about the earliest evidence for Christians in the city of Rome; why Jesus and the disciples are sometimes said to eat a meal during the Resurrection Appearance; why Jesus invites the disciples to touch him in some stories; about how Celsus' story of the Resurrection clashes with that of the New Testament; the Preaching of Peter and its possible links to Mark's Gospel; and the true source of Justin's strange "account" of the Resurrection.

Opening reading: the Roman poet Martial, from the turn of the second century, grumbles about his neighbor in the manner of Annette Benning from American Beauty.

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Reading: MARTIAL, Epigrams.
OPENING Remarks.
Top News Story: The Epistle to the Hebrews on JEOPARDY.
OPENING Remarks, Cont'd.
Reading: CELSUS, Logos Alethes.
Element: DINING.
Element: In the MIDST.
Element: DOUBT.
Element: REBUKE.
Element: TEACHING.
Element: They Were Called APOSTLES.
CELSUS and the Resurrection Story.
THE PREACHING OF PETER and the Resurrection Story.
JUSTIN MARTYR and the Resurrection Story.
CLOSING Remarks.