Born in the Second Century

6. The Letter of Barnabas Late and Spurious. Part 2.

March 26, 2021 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
6. The Letter of Barnabas Late and Spurious. Part 2.
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A forgotten Christian document of 130 AD with a lot to say about Jesus. But what it says is that this Jesus was not a living man in the recent past who robbed a fish, boiled a fish, or forced his unpaid workers to catch 153 fish. He is a gnostic savior deity who descended to earth to "manifest in flesh," a figure of mystical speculation, not of oral tradition or historical memory. How can a Christian writer believe this, nearly 100 years after the alleged crucifixion?

Anyone who listens to this episode can learn about the non-historical Jesus of the epistle of Barnabas, as well as how to calculate the date of this apocryphal letter. 

Unlike the theologians and the apologists, host Chris Palmero also describes some possible weaknesses of his theory - a standard of integrity that will always be upheld by BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY. 

Opening reading: Tertullian, in Against Marcion, does a tight five in which he mocks the idea of a flying Jesus.

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Reading: TERTULLIAN, Against Marcion.
OPENING Remarks.
Against the MINIMUM Jesus.
Barnabas on Jesus: Manifested in FLESH.
Barnabas on Jesus: Lord of the WORLD.
Barnabas on Jesus: He is PRE-EXISTENT.
Barnabas on the CROSS.
Barnabas on Jesus: Not the Davidic MESSIAH.
Potential CONFLICTS with the Special Paradigm.
Dating of Barnabas by THEOLOGIANS.
My own DATE for Barnabas.
LITERARY Evidence for Barnabas.
CLOSING Remarks.