Born in the Second Century

7. Galatians Late and Spurious. Part 1.

April 17, 2021 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
7. Galatians Late and Spurious. Part 1.
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The mysterious Letter to the Galatians has long baffled the Bible experts, with its image of a defiant Paul raging against Peter and the other apostles. Paul somehow insists that his authority is superior to theirs, even though they supposedly walked with the historical Jesus. Strange as this letter may seem to the theologians, BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY is undaunted. Host Chris Palmero elegantly explains the origin of the spurious Letter to the Galatians in its proper second century context.

Anyone who listens to this episode can learn about the real reason why Galatians was written, about how Paul's letters are the product of many different writers, about the lost book that contained the true story of Paul's adventures, and most importantly: that the religion of Paul was not originally part of Christianity.

Opening reading: The modern religion QAnon is believed to have started in October of 2017. But a cryptic post from three months earlier throws the true beginning of QAnon into doubt, and shows us why the "day one origins" of any religion are impossible to discover.

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Excursus: This was the Religion of PAUL.
OPENING Remarks.
Paul's Letters had Multiple AUTHORS.
Summary and THEMES of Galatians.
Paul's Religion had Different ORIGINS than Traditional Christianity.
Why Galatians was WRITTEN.
The Lost Acts of PAUL.
CLOSING Remarks.