Born in the Second Century

14. Pliny's Letter Part 5. Killing for the Name of.

September 23, 2021 Chris Palmero
Born in the Second Century
14. Pliny's Letter Part 5. Killing for the Name of.
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The siege of Pliny's Letter continues as host Chris Palmero proceeds further in the close reading of this Christian forgery of the late second century. 

Anyone who listens to this episode can learn about other contemporary Christian forgeries written over the name of an emperor, about the poetic structure and literary devices used by the forger of Pliny's Letter, about how the treatment of persecution in Pliny's Letter would only make sense to a Christian of that time, about strange anachronisms and use of terms by Pliny that would only ever have been used by Christians, and about the numerous and flagrant parallels between this document and other Christian writings of the time, including the New Testament and the acts of the martyrs. It's part of BORN IN THE SECOND CENTURY's multi-part investigation of the key text used by those who argue an early date for Christianity.

Opening reading: A fake letter from the emperor Antoninus to the common assembly of Asia sheds further light on Christian forgeries of imperial rescripts during this period.

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Reading: ANTONINUS, Letter to the Common Assembly of Asia.
OPENING Remarks.
Reading: Fake Letter from a CIA STATION CHIEF.
Close Reading RE-INTRO.
REDCARD: Pliny's Three Artificial Questions.
REDCARD: Very Old and Very Young Christians in 112 AD.
YELLOWCARD: Chiastic Structure.
REDCARD: Persecution Trope: The Name vs. the Flagitia.
REDCARD: Anachronism: "The Name."
Close Reading CONTINUED.
REDCARD: Persecution Trope: Confessors, Deniers, Apostates.
YELLOWCARD: Amentia (Madness).
REDCARD: Pliny Punishes the Christians Anyway.
Two REDCARDS: Pliny Puts the Question Three Times; The Martyrs are Silent.
REDCARD: Sending Prisoners to Rome.
REDCARD: No True Christian Would Curse Christ.
REDCARD: Use of the Term "Christ."
REDCARD: Persecution Trope: The Sacrifice Test.
REDCARD: Christians Compelled to Curse Christ.
CLOSING Remarks.